Friday, April 10, 2009

Regina Shnizer - The Chameleon

Regina Shnizer images courtesy of Faces Magazine
and photographer Affonso Gavinha.

Regina Shnizer displays her talent for transformation in this editorial for Faces Magazine by photographer Affonso Gavinha.

Her innate ability to become a character for each shoot is why photographer's tag her with nicknames such as "Muse" and "The Chameleon".

This gift of collaboration set's her apart from other models, echoing the cinematic allure of stars from the silent screen.

The shoot, which was shot in Times Square, has a Cyberpunk/Anime/Future Shock feel to it. Reference points - Akira, Blade Runner, The Fith Element, Ghost in the Shell.

Mood Points - Electronic Heat, Glamour Tech, Cyborg Beauty, Internet-Disconnect. One can say Ms. Shnizer is the perfect "Idoru" of the "Near Future"

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