Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jean Carlos - Editorial with Photographer Klynt

Jean Carlos photographed by Klynt. Images courtesy of the photographer

Here's a sneak peek of Jean Carlos' latest editorial with photographer Klynt - Diamond Life!

Larry Scott - Faconnable

Larry Scott for Faconnable. Image courtesy of Faconnable.com

Great Scott! Modeling icon Larry Scott brings his cool elegance to the latest F/W 2009 Faconnable campaign. Photographed by Helena Christensen, it's a collaboration between one icon
to another....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Anna Wang - Maybelline - Purple Rain

Anna Wang for Maybelline "Color Sensational" Fall 2009 Campaign.
Image courtesy of Maybelline New York.

Anna Wang is featured in the new Maybelline F/W 2009 Campaign. The Shanghai beauty gives us shades of the Purple One - All hail her Purple Reign

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mariya Miteva - Neu Wave - Beauty from Bulgaria

Mariya Miteva, 20 years old, newly arrived from Bulgaria. What else is there to say? Hypnotic Eyes, Basilisk Beauty...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Florence Faivre - Banana Republic Rising Star

Florence Faivre photographed by Richard Phibbs. Image courtesy
of Banana Republic and Richard Phibbs.

Florence Faivre - Our Thespian from Thailand is now one of the new faces for Banana Republic's F/W 2009 Campaign. Photographed by Richard Phibbs, she is in perfect company with other rising actresses such as Nicole Fiscella, Lauren Ambrose and Krysten Ritter. Learn more from the Fab Sugar posting via this link.

Liu Dan - Wallpaper's CHINA Issue

Liu Dan photographed by Mei Yuan Gui for Wallpaper Magazine.
Images courtesy of the photographer and Wallpaper Magazine.

Liu Dan is representing China's blue chip models in this feature for Wallpaper's June 2009 CHINA issue. Credits are as follows - Photographer: Mei Yuan Gui, Fashion Stylist: Ursula Geisselmann. You can read more from the original posting on Asian Models Blog via this link.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Britni Stanwood - LA Starlet

Britni Stanwood for Elle Denmark. Images courtesy
of Elle Denmark.

Britni Stanwood
shine with that L.A. sparkle in this month's Elle Denmark. You only get that glow in La La Land....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Katie Zeller - Serenity

Katie Zeller photographed by Yurenev & McNeil.
Images courtesy of Yurenev & McNeil.

Katie Zeller photographed by Yurenev & McNeil - Serene yet Strong, Young yet Wise, Dreamy yet Grounded..the tension, the contrasts, it's a visual representation of that moment in life, the nexxus between childhood and adulthood, where everything is mixed up, every day is up and down, black and white, calm and chaotic.....

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Barbara V - Supersonic Glamour

Barbara V. photographed by Suguru Konishi.
Images courtesy of the photographer.

Barbara V. 's Supersonic Glamour is giving us Luxe Life Jet Set for Fall 2009. She was photographed with an eye in the sky by Suguru Konishi. Key Words - The Concorde, Flight, Passport, Aerodynamic.

Kelli Ilves - Not There - Urban and Vacant - Video Clip

Kelli Ilves photograhed by Carlos Odi Castilo.
Screencapture images courtesy of photographer
and Trashionista.net

Kelli Ilves does her best Gossip Girl meets Holly Golightly Vacant Socialite. Love the uptown threads contrasted with the downtown trashy make up. Credits are as follows -

Video: Karl Royce Lee
Photography: Carlos Odi Castillo
Model: Kelli Ilves @ MC2
Photo Assist: SAKURA
Styling Assist: Lauren Kuzas

You can view the original posting via Trashionista.net via this link.