Friday, May 29, 2009

Alyona Zubakina - New / News

Alyona Zubakina photographed by Ken Pao. Image
courtesy of the photographer.

Alyona Zubakina does her best Rapunzel in this gorgeous picture photographed by Ken Pao. Gorgeous!!

Ms. Zubakina has just been featured in a posting on one of our favorite blogs - Marie Maud. Check out the original posting via this link.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ingrid - It's all in the Eyes

Ingrd Elisabeth photographed by Michael Schwartz

Ingrid's intense gaze is captured by Michael Schwartz. Her eyes, matched with that stellar pout, equals a mind boggling, other worldly beauty.

Jean Carlos in LA LA Land...

Jean Carlos photographed by Doug Inglish. Images
courtesy of the photographer.

Jean Carlos in LA LA Land. "California dreaming". J.C. was photographed by Doug Inglish. Doug is represented by Camilla Lowther Agency.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vika - Rebirth of Cool

Vika photographed by Yurenev and McNiel. Image
courtesy of photographers.

Vika looking "oh so summer" - Amazing what a haircut can do!!! She was photographed by up and coming photo duo Yurenev and McNiel.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Jean Carlos - Portrait by Richard Phibbs

Jean Carlos photograhed by Richard Phibbs. Images courtesy of
the photographer.

Here is a study of quiet masculinity. The images have a touch of Greek Classicism with a sculptural slant.

These sensitive and sublime portraits of Jean Carlos were taken by photographer Richard Phibbs. See more of his work through his photography site and to his fine art site. He is represented by Art Dept.

Mr. Phibbs' current project will be a traveling exhibition and book based on portraits of HIV+ children, some who are orphans, taken during his travels to Bucharest.

To learn more about this worthwhile cause, and to donate, go to this link on his fine art bio page.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Liu Dan - Neon Jungle

Liu Dan photographed by Li Qi. Images
courtesy of photographer and Elle China

Liu Dan navigates the Neon Jungle for Elle China's June 2009 issue. The images were shot by photographer Li Qi, make up by Din Jian Ya and hair by Parco Cheung.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alyona Zubakina by Jordan Doner

Alyona Zubakina photographed by Jordan Doner. Images courtesy
of the photographer.

Alyona Zubakina
was recently shot by Jordan Doner. The images are ethereal. The last one bringing just a hint of summer....

Marlowe Daly - Channeling Patti Smith

Marlowe Daly photographed by Bradford Gregory.
Images courtesy of the photographer.

Marlowe Daly's portraits by Bradford Gregory are eerily evocative of Patti Smith, circa Horses, the cover of which is a classic in photography, taken by the legendary Robert Mapplethorpe. Except these are updated for circa 2009.

***Update*** Marie Maud featured these images on a recent posting - view here.

Monday, May 11, 2009

More Jean Carlos with Greg Vaughan

Jean Carlos photographed by Greg Vaughan. Image courtesy of
Made in Brazil and the photographer.

More Jean Carlos from photographer Greg Vaughan. You can read the original posting on M.I.B. via this link.

Elena Potapova - Diamonds Are....

Elena Potapova photograhed by Andrew Durham.
Image courtesy of Marie Claire and Andrew Durham

Elena Potapova shines like the diamonds she wears in the current issue of Marie Claire, shot by Andrew Durham. Diamonds are a girl's best friends....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday with Jean Carlos

Jean Carlos by Joe Lally. Image courtesy of
Frillr and the photographer.

Today seems to be non stop Jean Carlos. We heard about this "sneak peek" image taken from Jean Carlos' shoot with Joe Lally. The original posting on Frillr can be seen here. "Swoon" is the word that comes to mind.

Made in Brazil Squared

Jean Carlos by Greg Vaughn. Image courtesy
of Made in Brazil and photographer.

Jean Carlos by Greg Vaughn - Made in Brazil "Hearts" Made in Brazil. 'Nuff Said!!

Jean Carlos - Made in Brazil / Fabien Montique Web Exclusive II

Jean Carlos by Fabien Montique for Made in Brazil. Images courtesy
of the photographer and Made in Brazil.

These are outtakes from Jean Carlos' Made in Brazil exclusive shoot with Fabien Montique. You can see more images and get more info via the original postings here and here.

Avril Guerrerro - Sunshine & the rain

"The Sunshine" -Avril Guerrero photographed by Colin Angus.

Avril Guerrero was photographed by photographer Colin Angus.

The shoot had no specific agenda other than to bring light and happiness to make a positive statement against our current economic climate.

I believe the goal was achieved in the first three images. I also liked that they also shot in a moody/sultry/subtle sexy way. This contrast is just I said - Ms. Avril brings the sunshine and the rain..

"The Rain" Avril Guerrero photographed by Colin Angus

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jean Carlos - Captured on

Jean Carlos photographed by Fabien Montique
Image courtesy of the photographer

Jean Carlos' image shot by Fabien Montique (of Frillr) was selected as a "CAPTURES" on their website. You can see this and many other images on the Interview Magazine website via this link.

Jean Carlos by Greg Vaughan Studio

Jean Carlos by Greg Vaughan Studio. Images are courtesy of the
photographer and Frllr

Our solo male model Jean Carlo's star is on the rise. He has just finished shooting these amazing images taken by Greg Vaughan. You can view the original posting from Frllr via this link.

I love the raw, almost too intense look in J.C.'s eyes. They convey as sense of loss - beauty that can be found in loss - Key reference points - The Ice Storm / Larry Clarke's Tulsa /Pixote (1991).

***"Update" VGL/Hot Men has posted about J.C.'s shoot with Greg Vaughan. You can see the posting here.***

Friday, May 8, 2009

Alexandra Collins - Siren!!

Alexandra Collins photographed by Colin

Alexandra Collins is a modern day Siren. Her allure is captured beautifully by photographer Colin Angus.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Neu/Wave" of 2009 - Anastasia Khodkina

Anastasia Khodkina photographed by Thierry Le Goues.
Image courtesy of photographer and French publication.

Anastasia Khodkina has just arrived in NYC. The Muscovite beauty, with her sulty pout and diamond-cut bone structure, is ready to redefine "cool".

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jean Carlos - Made in Brazil Web Exclusive

Jean Carlos photographed by Fabien Montique. Image courtesy of
M.I.B. and photographer.

Jean Carlos was photographed by Fabien Montique (of Frillr) in a "Web Exclusive" portfolio for Made in Brazil. You can view the original posting here and view the full portfolio here.

***Update" - Special Outtakes from Jean Carlos' shoot with Fabien Montique have been posted on the Made in Brazil blog. You can view these outtakes here.

***"Update" - You can view the posting, featuring an interesting comment about Mc2 representing Jean Carlos, via this link.***

***"Update"-A new posting regarding this shoot on the Frillr site which you can view here.***

Marlowe - Snapshot from Hyers

Marlowe Daly for the Cunnington/Sanderson
show at Hyers 2009. Image courtesy of A Shaded
View on Fashion.

Marlowe Daly is featured in Matthew Cunnington and John Sanderson's runway presentation at Hyers. Mr. Cunnington was last year's grand prize winner.

Marlowe was featured in 4 shows during this year's Hyers festival, having been selected by casting powerhouse Maida.

Additional information, as well as other coverage on Hyers, can be seed on A Shaded View on Fashion, via this

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jean Carlos - Domino Effect

Jean Carlos by Joseph Bleu. Image courtesy of the photographer,

Jean Carlos and Joseph Bleu are blowing up the blogosphere - It's a domino effect - Google "Jean Carlos Mc2" and you'll find a gaggle of blog postings about the duo's recent photoshoot.

Stay tuned of Jean Carlos' newest shoot, exclusive for Made in Brazil, to be posted soon. Thanks to Joseph Bleu and the bloggers for the fab "new media" editz.

Jean Carlos - Bleu Boy

It's been a "Bleu" Tuesday for Jean Carlos...Check out these amazing images from Jean Carlos' recent shoot with photographer Joseph Bleu -

"The V" series - Original posting can be seen via this link.
***"Update" - El Q/The Male Model Magazine- New post on this shoot can be seen here. ***

"Jean Carlos" series - Original posting can seen via this link.
***Update - Posting on The Imagist can be viewed here***

Jean Carlos by Joseph Bleu. Images courtesy of